Talk Abstracts

I enjoy delivering technical talks, at meetups, conferences, and to teams at companies. Please contact me if you would like me to deliver any of the talks below.

Scaling Humans and Machines with Cloud Native Architecture

Just like Google or Netflix your Enterprise has a lot of different systems that work together to deliver value to your customers, these numerous systems are built and maintained by many different teams causing two primary challenges. First, is the organizational challenge of coordinating the work of a large number of disparate teams that are spread geographically and second is the challenge of scaling the software to meet increased usage. Microservices have emerged as a powerful pragmatic approach for building scalable systems using small independent cross functional teams. This presentation explains why micro services and PaaS allow you to increase the speed that your enterprise can deliver software to turbo charge business model innovation. Come to learn why the most innovative companies like Google, Netflix, Square, LinkedIn have embraced Cloud Native Architecture.

Duration: 45 to 60 min

Secretes Management with Spring, Kubernetes, and Cloud Foundry

Applications and microservices need to use passwords, keys, or certificates to call other systems, be they databases, message queues, or cloud APIs. What are the patterns and best practices for Spring Applications running on Kubernetes or Cloud Foundry to use, and manage passwords, keys, and certificates.  We will look at the various ways to use Spring Cloud Config, Kubernetes, CredHub, Cloud Foundry, Hashicorp Vault and public cloud providers key management services, together or apart to handle keys securely. Come and learn patterns and practices to manage secrets simply and securely, all patterns will be demonstrated with working Spring based sample applications.

Duration: 60 min

Building Observable Microservices

Observability is a pillar of making operator friendly microservices that are easy to monitor and troubleshoot in production. This talk covers the three types of observability metrics, logs, and distributed tracing. We will illustrate best practices for making microservices observable using micrometer, zipkin, spring cloud, prometheus, grafana and other tools. Come learn how to make your microservices more observable.

Duration: 90 min

Microservices Security Patterns & Protocols

Building secure microservices requires mastering a variety of patterns, protocols, frameworks, and technologies. This deep dive provides a holistic end-to-end view of how to secure microservices using industry standard protocols and Spring. The goal is to present how standards such as JWT, JWA, JWS, JWE, JWK, OAuth2, OpenID Connect, TLS can be combined to make writing secure microservices easy.

The deep dive will alternate between slides that explain the security standards and protocols and code walk through/live coding showing how to apply the patterns and standards using Spring Security 5.2. We will demonstrate the following patterns and their implementations.

Duration: 90 min