Spring Framework 4 and Java 8

Article I originally published at InfoQ

Java 8 shipped with new language features and libraries and Spring 4.x is already supporting many of these. Some of the new Java 8 features don’t have an impact on Spring and can just be used as is, while other Java 8 features require Spring to explicitly support them. This article will walk you through the new Java 8 features that are supported by Spring 4.0 and 4.1.

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Java 8 Lambda Expressions & Streams

April 9 2014 Talk @ San Francisco Java Users Group

Video of my talk Java 8 Lambda Expressions & Streams on April 9 2014 at the San Francisco Java User Group.


Java 8 ships with loads of new features. This in-depth presentation will get you quickly up to speed with Java 8 Lambda Expressions and the new streams API. Through a series of numerous short examples we will cover what you need to know to get going with Java 8 lambdas and streams.