PA Training & Enablement

Enabling since 2014 / Recruited 4 PA, 2 AppTx, 3 CF R&D

  • 2014– Weekly Spring Training Webinar for the Canada / North East Region 
  • 2015– Loaning my home labs to new PA’s to learn how to install PCF on vSphere
  • 2016– Josh Long Clones Project 
  • 2016– DDD / Refactoring the Monolith at Sales KickOffPA and PCFS conference 
  • 2017- 2018CNFE Sessions ○Microservices Security○Reactive Spring with RossenStoyanchev○Changes to the Java Licensing Model  Changes with Ben Hale
  • 2018– Contributed 2 major PACE Workshops○BOSH Deep Dive○Microservice Security

Author: laurievarga

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